Venezuela is now a suffering country, but not rendered

As a coach I have many tools to help other people identify how they can achieve their goals after recognizing their limitative reality.

However, if you ask me right now if I can reach my own goals in a country whose economy has been gradually destroyed because the legislation is done not thinking about economic principles that promote investment, but from a populist perspective that brings the population momentary benefits, but discourages entrepreneurs and ends up creating destruction and poverty, I am not sure that my answer is coherent because I am also concerned.

I refer to the evidence: many businesses have closed, while others are surviving, many have been expropriated by the state and most of them are badly damaged because not properly managed. We have now a port economy that only benefits importers. In summary there are job losses and an economy that is still alive thanks to our oil revenues, which are also very committed because politicians make the decisions according to their interests.

Venezuelan shortages of basic productsToday an oppressed population, but not given, has taken to the streets to protest the insecurity, shortages of basic necessities, for violations of freedom of expression and the many injustices that the list would be long and I will not repeat what we constantly hear every person you speak. Students are giving their lives and exposing their integrity to save what they want to have as a country, what they have heard their parents that this country was and what they themselves aspire to. And there are students from families with money, but rather for all students from different social strata, because they all have common ideals and aspirations. Each person is becoming aware that he must somehow support and exercise their right to peaceful protest.Venezuelan student protests

But back to my initial questions: how can I help others as a coach right now, or how I can help myself to keep in a position to be helpful? And come to my mind pictures of the stories of Viktor Frankl in Auschwitz concentration camp, staying with a purpose to get out alive and help others to find a reason to live when the situation seemed that all was lost.

From sure, the answer to every question that if I can do something is an absolute “YES.” As stated Frankl, in tough times is where man shows his ability to choose to do something for others. It’s where good and noble of every human being comes out. That is why we have seen so many of our young students giving their lives as martyrs for an ideal country, and not only for them but for all Venezuelans.

Let’s say with Frankl: “They can take my life, but not my freedom to choose.” Let’s continue identifying our own mission to support this noble nation to come to light and resume the paths of solidarity between brothers and free country that Simon Bolivar left us. Be our peaceful protest to bring down the fear and oppression. Do not lose heart just until rectification.

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